8 the most terrifying abandoned hotels

As guests of these hotels were beautiful the characters of yesterday’s Halloween. However, dilapidated buildings with broken Windows, weedy pools and traces of the former splendor and have the already chilling atmosphere.

“Baker Wanted”, Mineral wells, TX, USA

Fourteen-story “Baker Wanted” opened in 1929 in a small Texas resort town of Mineral wells, which is famous for its healing mineral water. Construction cost $ 1.2 million – unheard of at the time amount. The hotel was Central air conditioning, automatic fan and light, luxurious rooms, sophisticated hydraulic lift system, Olympic size pool and many other attributes of luxury. Guests “Baker Wanted” were the presidents, politicians, artists and, according to legend, even Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow all had a good time in the super-suites of the hotel during its heyday. The profit of the owners of the hotel began to decline by 1950, but in 1972 the owner and the hotel Manager Earl Baker had a heart attack. In the same year the hotel was closed. Despite the location in the National register of historic places and several serious attempts to update and re-open the hotel, ravaged by vandals “Baker Wanted” is still blank. It’s a magnet for bullies,urban explorers, Ghost hunters and local teenagers.

“The Bokor Palace Hotel & Casino”, Kampot, Cambodia

Thanks, in particular, the stairs at the entrance, which looks like it leads straight to hell, and the abundance of charming graffiti (“All died” – says one of the words in English) obsessed paranormal phenomena people went so far as to call “the Bokor Palace hotel & Casino” the Cambodian equivalent of the overlook hotel. But seriously, it’s an abandoned Imperial building, which was constructed by French colonists in the early 1920-ies, looks to his terribly own garden with ghosts and hedges of a maze. Menacing and grim top of a hill (partly destroyed), on which the hotel sits, was once part of a colonial asylum, and is now part of the national Park “Preah Monivong”. The crumbling remnants of the energy are so bad that the Park Rangers prefer to avoid them, not to see once again this godforsaken place after sunset. “Every time you walk past him, we hear the hum of the dead. It’s full of ghosts,” says one of them. Others, including lovers of abandoned buildings, desperate tourists, and the producers of the Korean horror films, a little bolder.

Resort “Grossingers Catskill”, new York, USA

“Grossingers Catskill” – once one of largest hotels in the region of Borcht Belts – still amazes size, but very running. The resort was closed in 1986. It is believed that he inspired the writers of the “Dirty dancing” to create a fictional resort “Kellerman”. “Grossingers Catskill” is a picture of a struggling region whose once-thriving tourist industry has long been belly-up. Here is what they write about his pool: “It is growth, not decay. What makes this pool so picturesque – the years that turned his flourishing greenhouse”. Ferns grow among the moss, and from the ceiling waterfalls dripping rain. All year round spring reigns here, and the atmosphere of summer, and the smell of chlorine and lotions replaced the heady scent of moss and mold. It’s damp, lots of greenery and life.

Hotel Belvedere, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The hotel Belvedere was opened in 1986 on a hillside overlooking the majestic and the clear waters of the Adriatic sea. For several years, the hotel often was the international delegation, while during the siege of Dubrovnik in 1991, it has not damaged the Yugoslav people’s army. After that, the hotel was abandoned. Located in the immediate vicinity of the walls of the medieval Old town of Dubrovnik, seasoned and heavily damaged by vandals, the hotel Belvedere is a popular destination for intrepid tourists looking for thrills. This is disturbing, and sometimes creepy building, protected UNESCO that serves as a reminder of the bloody struggle of Croatia for independence. Although an abandoned hotel actually has a new owner (as of may 2014 – Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg), it is unclear what future awaits him.

The Hotel “Ponce Intercontinental”, Ponce, Puerto Rico

For a hotel that is closed since 1975, the hotel “Ponce Intercontinental” (or just “El Ponce”) in Puerto Rico very popular amongst tourists and many locals. This 170-room hotel located on top of El Vigia hill overlooking the southern coast of Puerto Rico, opened its doors in 1960 and after only 15 years was closed for unknown reasons. Construction companies say that with so much damage to infrastructure it is very unlikely that someone will take care of the return of the property to any level of functionality.

“Plaza”, Detroit, USA

The hotel “Plaza”, opened in 1929, was considered one of the best buildings of Detroit. Taking the crowd of guests, she brought a lot of money, but by 1935 the owner still went bankrupt. The following three decades it was waiting for financial problems and legal disputes. In 1969 the hotel was sold to the city authorities and became housing for low-income elderly. Its former glory remained almost untouched, and “Plaza” was included in the national register of historic places. But the honour bestowed on him was not salvation: 16 years later the hotel was closed forever. Reinforced walls managed to briefly scare off the offenders, but the vandals and hunters for scrap metal eventually got access here. From copper roofs to Terra cotta lion’s head, “Plaza” was pillaged and plundered and will not be repaired. “Created for the rich and powerful, “Lee Plaza hotel” now stands, ravaged the poor and needy,” writes “Historic Detroit”, “How and the main railway station of Michigan, he became a terrible reminder of how low the city had fallen since the time of its prosperous past.”

The hotel “Penn hills”, Analomink, PA, USA

The hotel “Penn hills” resort, where all you can play tennis, Golf, boating and ice skating, archery, skiing, dancing and swimming in a pool in the shape of a bell. Having undergone several years of neglect, financial hardship and negative reviews online, the hotel closed in 2009. Oddly enough, this relic has been preserved for so long. After closing it took quite a bit of time before the hotel became very old and it began to go and see urban explorers with cameras. If you like old hotels of the 1970s, you will surely fall in love with “Penn hills”.

The Hotel “Polesie”, Pripyat, Ukraine

Breathtaking views. The quiet rooms. Fast check-in. Trees growing through the floor. Once a large hotel suddenly turned into a monument to the disaster and kept thereby an indescribable spirit of Soviet apartments. In the 70s the hotel “Polesie” was the tallest and most recognizable building in the center of a flourishing city, which had nearly 50 thousand people, has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Not very well preserved specimen of the brutal Soviet architecture still continues to receive visitors from all over the world who come clutching Geiger counters.

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