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The Fairmont Banff Springs is probably familiar to anyone who has visited the town of Banff. External architectural beauty and grandeur of the hotel, complemented by exquisite interiors.

Interestingly, however respectable age (1888 R.) this stately beauty has the mystical plume.

This is one of those hotels-castles, in which at night you can hear footsteps in the hallway or snicker behind the wall. To feel a strange movement of air from which get goosebumps or catch the corner of my eye a movement entering the room or passing by mirrors. Sometimes it seems that after you someone is watching, and sometimes understand that it is not just a feeling.

A few ghosts settled there on a permanent basis.

The old porter Sam

Sam McAuley, an immigrant from Scotland, who for more than 40 years worked in a hotel as a porter. He retired several times, but then come back. Colleagues remember that he was joking, though, and after death will go back to the hotel. The legend tells that in the end, in 1975, the hotel management insisted that Sam retired completely. He died before he could pick up his last paycheck.

After this moustached old man Sam had seen many.

He continues to help guests and disappears when they are going to give him a tip. Therefore, the staff sometimes answer to visitors that “good old man porter” reward will not work due to the fact that he died many years ago.

There are several stories associated with the arrival of old man Sam.

For example, two guests slammed the door in the room, they called down to the Desk to be helped to get inside. When the employee went up to the room, women were already inside to open the door they helped an elderly worker at an old-fashioned uniform and with a white mustache…

A man mistakenly went in the wrong door and got lost. Encountered whiskered man-servant, said it happens all the time with new guests and showed him how to get back. Later the man explained that probably he was helped by Sam, he did not believe and tried to find the “wrong” door, but could not.

Room 873

If you get to stay in a hotel try to find a room with the number 873. Rooms that end in 73, are on every floor except the 8th. There are 872 and 874.

The solution is simple, room 873 escaped.

This was the most horrible room in the hotel. In it there was a tragedy in which the husband killed his wife and teenage daughter. The room put in order and after some time again put into operation. But soon began to receive complaints of guests. On the mirror in the room continued to reveal the prints of children’s fingers, and prints on the wall handprints.

When the next update at the entrance to the room, it was decided to close up as if it never existed. Though the asymmetry of the doors to the rooms on the 8th floor is easily visible.

So far guests from nearby to 873-mu periodically complain that they see a little girl sitting on a chair and talking leg…

Dancing bride

In 1932, on the day of your wedding, the hotel tragically killed a young woman. She walked down the stairs in her gorgeous wedding dress. Stumbled, lost his balance and fell to his death.

After that several times witnesses said, as the night heard the soft music and swore that he saw the silhouette of a swirling dance of a lonely woman in a wedding dress at the Rob Roy dining room. Others claimed to have seen the Ghost of a woman in a wedding dress going down the stairs…

At the moment, it is strictly forbidden to discuss or to engage in discussions on paranormal phenomena in the building, despite the fact that it certainly stirs a certain kind of audience to visit the Fairmont Banff Springs.

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