Asia leads in the number of luxury hotels

The vast majority (92%) of hotels in the world have a small number of room: not more than 500. Approximately half (42%) of them offer their guests from 150 to 300 rooms. Only 2% of hotels around the world have more than 1,000 rooms. And remains the largest Asia Asia Hotel in Dubai with 6500 rooms. The third part of all the new hotels are located in Europe.

In turn, the U.S. is leading the world in large number of hotels number of rooms which exceeds 2800 (60% of the global total). 55% of them of the highest category in the luxury segment, and 45% first-class hotels. 32% of the investigated hotels are located in Europe, of which 64% – first class hotels.

26% of hotels worldwide from the list that was considered by the researchers, are in East Asia.

70% of Asian hotels – top class. Analysts say that in Europe is not so high demand at luxury hotels and priority is given to more economical accommodation that you prefer and the business tourists, and travelers -sightseers. But in North America the number of luxury and first-class hotels almost the same.

The hotel “Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga” takes an active role in the fight for wildlife conservation. Guests can also participate in environmental programs.

Las Vegas has got a new luxury hotel and casino

It should be noted that only one Encore 2014 provided rooms for guests Las Vegas. The minimum cost of a stay in a luxurious new hotel is only $ 159 per night.

Ukrainian hotels will be shining European stars

Today, with 3700 of accommodation facilities in Ukraine only a few (more than 200) has an official category. The new system is “assigning stars” is introduced with the aim of providing a simple and transparent process of categorization.

UNWTO: World tourism is out of crisis

The organization estimates the potential losses for Europe in approximately 0.5% of the annual number of trips, and the world was 0.3%. And although the growth within two months and amounted to 7%, it’s still 2% below the record level of 2013.

For traveler: how to save money when booking a hotel?

Therefore, booking a hotel, stop your choice on the options where these benefits are included in the price, avoiding annoying fees. Useful trifles Are the technological benefits of civilization, without which even on vacation it is hard today to do.

Weekend in Moscow: Brainstorm, The Offspring, Peter Nalitch, “Red mold”, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Animal Jazz and more.

I will not spare anyone – famous actors and singers, producers and businessmen, all of them helpless before the power of the award “the Silver galosh”. However, the staff and the music was enjoyed by the Russian audience, and for many years has won a place in their hearts.

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