Expensive hotels of the capital

Moscow is not only one of the largest cities in the world, but also a cultural and tourist center of Europe. Only abroad from the capital of Russia visited by more than 4 million people a year. Out of every 10 visitors to Russia seven foreigners come to Moscow. The main attraction to tourists have different historical and cultural monuments, architecture and, of course, the entertainment infrastructure of the city.

To cope with this huge influx of tourists, the capital offers more than 300 hotels and Inns of different scale and classes: from the cheapest hotels on the hour and modest hotels “middling” to the most elite and expensive hotels. While constantly building new hotels of Moscow, and by 2012 the capital will have more than 500 guest houses.

The prices for rooms in hotels

According to the statistics services of the hotel business in Moscow – the most expensive in the world. The average cost of hotels in Moscow costs the visitor in 256 English pounds a day, which roughly corresponds to 400 American dollars. The second place most expensive hotel rooms in the Russian capital after share Geneva and new York. But this average price. In fact, the cost of the hotel rooms in Moscow may not only differ significantly, but several orders of magnitude.

The most dorogie best hotels of Moscow is certainly a five-star hotel complexes of a class “Lux”. The distinction of such hotels, Moscow – extensive range of services including exclusive: the provision of apartments with maids, the Banquet hall or, for example, the presence of a Golf club. The Russian capital currently has more than a dozen similar hotels in the city. While luxury hotels are located not only in the center but on the periphery. Renting a room in hotels of Moscow of 5 stars. guests can expect not only luxurious rooms with comfortable furnishings, a maximum range of household appliances for a comfortable stay and well-trained staff, but also on the presence in the infrastructure of boutiques, a beauty salon and Barber shop, swimming pool or sauna, gymnasium, currency exchange, etc. Also the most expensive luxury hotels in Moscow provide their guests with meeting rooms and even business centers with secretarial services and translator and all necessary equipment.

The class “DE LUXE” – the Ritz-Carlton

The most expensive hotel Moscow is a hotel of class “De Luxe” Ritz-Carlton. Built near red Square on the former site of the Intourist, a new hotel has its own Banquet hall with a total area of 650 square meters, decorated with luxury Czech chandeliers. This can no longer boast of any hotel in Moscow. In the hotel reigns the atmosphere of the nineteenth century in a rich Russian style, created by German designer Peter Gillingham. The hotel was infested with old Russian spirit, for several years for interior design from around the world have been collected 1800 Antiques. Against the background of such design bathrooms lined with real marble, or bed with natural feather duvets taken for granted.

Prices are per room in hotel Moscow, the Ritz-Carlton start at 250,000 rubles, so to see such a masterpiece of architecture from the inside can limited circle of people. But to admire the facade of the building, facing which cost the investor $ 20 million, anyone can. Distinctive design features – glass visor-canapés at the entrance to the hotel with a length of 90 meters and veneer granicami three-ton slabs, specially imported from Brazil.

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