Extravagant and unusual hotels in the world

Not all hotels are the same, and in the world there are hotels that simply amaze travelers, even the most experienced. What interesting can offer unusual places? What could surprise the most experienced travelers?

In Propeller Island is Berlin, where every room is decorated very extravagant and different from other rooms. There is a vampire room with coffins instead of beds, mirrored bathroom with a wrong geometry, the prison cell with the broken wall. All rooms at the hotel thirty, there is something to see.Pleasant in all respects many of Moscow’s hotels Aviamotornaya street, thanks to the convenient transportation, will allow to spend time with sense came to Moscow to tourists.

New hotel in Singapore is amazing that on its roof, at a height of 55 floors (or 250 m) is a pool 150 m in length right on the edge of the terrace, sports court and gardens with palm trees. All rooms at hotel 2500, it is different and good infrastructure.

For lovers of the underwater world there is a hotel called Jules’ Undersea Lodge (translated as “Underwater Lodge Jules”). She is in Florida in a converted laboratory at a depth of 6.5 m under water. This is a small hotel where you can stay at the same time 10-12 guests. There are basic amenities and the splendor of the underwater world, which is visible from the rooms.

In Stuttgart you will find the hotel V8, fully dedicated to automotive topics. Here all 34 rooms have their own entourage in the spirit of one or another brand cars in the style of the garage or even car wash. Here, even the beds look like machines, but the interiors were all used vehicle components which they only have.If you do not want extravagance, your soul needs comfort, then choose the more calm of the hotel complex can offer a few quiet and beautiful options. Comfortable stay in cosy rooms!

Kadirs Tree House Hotel is located near Antalya, Olympos, Turkey. This hotel in the trees is especially attractive for youngsters, because in filming the room will not be too expensive – for the night take 25-30 dollars Yes double room.

Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile that will appeal to fans of the fabulous nature, because it is right in the virgin forest Huilo Huilo, and access is from only by suspension bridge.

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