Legendary hotel

Scorching sun lowers the speed and the velvety rays warms the rocky coast of the volcanic island of Ischia in the Tyrrhenian sea. Here is the legendary hotel L Albergo della Regina Isabella, which became the embodiment of Italian chic 1950s.

The hotel and thermal complex was built on the site of the Greco-Roman ruins by visionary payments and serious financial injections Signor Angelo Rizzoli – known publisher and owner of the Studio.

Wall L’albergo della Regina Isabella remember luxurious outfits and love stories of many celebrities who have visited here. And Maria Callas, Alberto Sordi, Richard Burton and Liz Taylor – these are the names you can hear from the lips of local concierges. And yet the island still hovers the spirit of antiquity, when here was located the Villa of the Greek and Roman aristocrats…

Ischia has long been famous for its thermal springs. Their healing properties and a mild Mediterranean climate attract hotel guests from around the world. By the way, for it still preserved the status of the places chosen artistic elite, actors, Directors, politicians. The love of the Neapolitan Islands, especially to Ischia, one of the most beautiful, just explain.

It is famous for stunning scenery, there are pine and citrus groves and vineyards, the air was filled with scents of sea, lemon and flowering trees. On the island, about 70 thermal springs, and some are right on the coast and can swim even in winter. But especially nice at the L’albergo della Regina Isabella in autumn, under the soft rays of the sun.

The rooms are decorated in a Mediterranean style, some of them are furnished with Antiques and has retained the spirit of the time. A few years ago the hotel opened a new wing with superior Royal rooms and balconies with panoramic views of the Bay of Lacco Ameno. They are suitable for lovers of novelty and modernity.

Breakfast overlooking the Bay and many boats can be at a local restaurant. By the way, indulge in the freshest ricotta from the morning. She Ischia impossible good! For dinner, head to Michelin-starred Indaco, also located in the hotel. But first an aperitif in the bar, where the lovers of live music.

Individual words deserves a Spa centre: thermal pool, mud baths and massages – everybody will find their own area for comfortable rest and relaxation. By the way, the hotel released their line of body creams based on thermal water. Cosmetics beautiful, because beauty fans the advantage provided.

In the price includes access to the beach, a fitness centre and sun terrace, plus access to the private Park.

Gourmet note . from 29 October 2015 for three days the hotel will be held gastronomic festival Ischia Vintage . Tasting wines from great winemakers and food of farm products in the region is the best reason to visit the island before the end of the season. Moreover, during this period it will be possible to make treatments based on creams, oils and balms with resveratrol contained in grape skins.

Good to know . the hotel is located in a small area where there is a cafe and small shop where you can buy a local cheese, wines and homemade drinks. The owner is very good-natured, he would probably tell you the history of the local town. In parting, I must savor the veranda cafe great coffee, and lemon sorbet, which is doing right inside of the fruit and serves as a lemon.

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