Mallorca – Spain – Hotel Formentor

On the North coast of Mallorca, in the picturesque cap de Formentor, in a small Bay with crystal clear water, is located the eponymous hotel. This five-star luxury hotel named after the Barceló Formentor, surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean pine trees and located just walking distance from the famous beach of Formentor. About difficult and interesting fate of this construction we describe in this article.

On the North coast of Mallorca . on the picturesque cap de Formentor . in a small Bay with crystal clear water, framed by ancient pines, is located the eponymous hotel.

Fast forward to 1929. He entered the world history as the year of the onset of the global financial crisis and the beginning of the great depression in the United States, but at the same time in the same year, there are new promising projects. At this time to Mallorca comes a rich Argentinean, a great fan of art, dill Adan (Adan Diehl). He gets over 520 thousand pesetas virtually cut off at a time from the main part of the island land to build a luxury hotel to fulfill his dream – to create a special place for your friends, artists and poets. A place where they could be surrounded by the beautiful local scenery of this romantic corner of Majorca to recuperate and gain inspiration.

In those greenamyre was not yet world-famous resort, and the island was quite a bit of hotels to come to travelers. Adam dill himself draws a plan of the hotel makes it a project. His wife Maria Elena is engaged in the design of the hotel, chooses for his furniture and glassware, is engaged in the training of staff. Since the construction site was cut off from the rest of the island, and the road to the hotel was built later, then all building materials had to be delivered only by sea. On the construction of the hotel had spent 14 million pesetas — a huge amount!

Adam dill of the first entrepreneurs in Mallorca sets the eight-hour working day and paying their workers very high in those days a salary of six pesetas a day. For comparison, the average salary of an ordinary worker back then was only two pesetas.

Finally, on 24 August 1929, opened its doors for its first visitors one of the most legendary hotels today not only in Mallorca but all over the world — the hotel Formentor. His first guests are arriving by boat; these were two women who decided to spend in this hotel a few days.

After a few months advertising the hotel Formentor was shining in lights on the Eiffel tower, and each travel Agency Europe was a booklet advertising the hotel. For many years it was a meeting place for artists, intellectuals and prominent politicians. In 1931, the hotel, a conference was organized in the framework of the “Week of wisdom”, which was attended by writers and thinkers of that time from around the world. Subsequently, the hotel Formentor has been a place for meetings of politicians at the highest level.

Another important aspect of the popularity of the Hotel Formentor was its seclusion. Opposite the hotel there is a small protected Bay from the winds. Part of the famous guests arrived in the hotel specially built for him the road, but many came (and come) here on their yachts, which can anchor at the pier directly opposite the hotel. Because in the early years it was accessible only by sea, he has earned the reputation as the place to spend luxury holidays here away from prying eyes. In the registration book of the hotel preserved the autographs of many celebrities, who at various times stayed here: Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, Gary Cooper, Peter Ustinov.

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