Marina Bay Sands

Even if you never planned to go to Singapore, you still most likely have heard about the beautiful hotel Marina Bay Sands (Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore), impressive for its unusual architecture and gorgeous huge pool on the roof, thanks to which he was particularly famous for. We visited this Teddy bear Singapore hotel during our trip through Asia and we want to share with you my impressions 😉

Our review about the hotel Marina Bay Sands (Marina Bay Sands)

Frankly, it is difficult to write something about the hotel, which has already been written and rewritten thousands of times anything that can. I will try a little different angle to look at it.

Hotel Marina Bay Sands on the shores of beautiful Bay.

Interesting fact: this place used to splashing of the ocean. To build the now famous hotel, the builders had to import tons of sand and soil. The thought sometimes becomes a little scary, and suddenly everything will go under water?)) But this is nonsense, of course, the hotel stands firmly on its three “legs” 🙂

A healthy pool with thousands of tons of water at the top holds. About the pool, of course, go almost legend) …

Unfortunately, documentat pool only for hotel guests. On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine how many people there would be if you could enter any passer-by. And in the pool at the Marina Bay Sands is pretty quiet and there is no obvious second-hand market.

But along with the pool on the roof is a nice viewing platform called sky Park (Skypark/Skypark). On her way up the ladder, however for the money. The cost is s $ 23 for adults and S$17 for children ages 2-12. Not very cheap, but in Runet walks a tricky way to get on the roof at Marina Bay Sands absolutely for free! At the bottom you just need to inform you that you go to the Skybar features destination (Skybar), and then the guard gives you a pass. Go up the Elevator and voila(!) — you are on the roof of the famous hotel, which offers absolutely fabulous views of the Singapore skyline! 😉 But don’t forget that the bar preferably something to enjoy, not just walking and looking around)) From the bar you can go to the nose of the “ship” of the roof, but people complain that often employees are asked to provide receipts after buying something from the Skybar features destination. In General, a little curve method, but if you are traveling to Singapore budget, as an option quite.

The area around the hotel is very well appointed and comfortable. A lot of greens, pleasure grounds, terraces with benches and flower beds… My little Teddy bear as they were worn everywhere! =)

Also close by is a huge shopping center, lots of floors best brand shops of the world, there is even an ice skating rink. There is also the Museum of art and science Singapore in the shape of a Lotus, about which I wrote earlier. On the other side of the hotel Marina Bay Sands lies the famous gardens of Gardens by the Bay with futuristic trees. In General, the neighborhood the hotel is fabulous!

To the side of the Museum like walls of the building are made of glass plates.

In the same side of the concave wall gardens with balconies and flowers in pots.

Inside this concavity visible at even more.

Those white “shelves for photos from IKEA” on both sides, it floors))) Well the truth is, I have a straight one to one such shelf in the nursery for books hanging that the child was comfortable to choose something to read =) That is, the internal design is exactly ikeevskoy style — modern, simple and functional, not much luxury.

This is reflected in the rooms. They are pretty standard, no frills.

Although in my opinion more is needed. I love the sleek design, the main thing is that everything needed was present. And, of course, do not forget that there are luxury rooms for the discerning client. So if you want you can get a much better conditions, there would be money 😉


Title: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore (Marina Bay Sands Singapore Wanted).

Location: the GPS coordinates are 1°17’01.7″N 103°51’38.3″E. the hotel is Located on the shore of the Bay, near a metro station. If necessary then you can take any city tours, because the jetty nearby for river walks deep into Singapore, near the Singapore Flyer, which towers over the bridge, crowded with tourist buses.

But in my opinion, much more interesting to take tours of Singapore from the locals. after all, to see the city through the eyes of those who live here, completely different experience!

State rooms: this elegant hotel is quite simple, I do not know much about stars, because my rating would be too subjective, but if you focus on the opinion of numerous guests, the standard room is a solid chetverochku.

Price: minimum from 20,000 rubles per night (prices vary depending on the month of your vacation, and even Euro rate).

Service: the staff is definitely on top — courteous, friendly, responsive.

Additional features: free Wi-Fi, restaurants and bars, swimming pool, TV, air conditioning, free Parking, Luggage storage, etc.

My rating: 5 of 5. The ratio of price and quality are awesome. Of course, the price for such a standard, perhaps somewhat exaggerated, but in Singapore, in principle, expensive hotels, and the Marina Bay Sands populated not so much because of numbers but because of the fabulosity of this place)

Check rates at Marina Bay Sands for the dates

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