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Milan is the main city in Lombardy, the largest region of Italy. The birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi and Adriano Celentano, Carlo Emilio Gadda and Tinto Brass, Milan is one of the cultural centers of Italy and world capital of fashion. Although the city was badly damaged during the Second world war, today Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and online hotel booking Milan is popular with guests from around the world.

Pictures of hotels Milan

Options to stay in Milan the mass, ranging from small hotels in the Italian Palazzo style to the luxurious five-star hotels such as Grand Hotel and the Park Hyatt. But, despite the large number of hotels to find budget hotel in Milan is not so easy. Prices are cheap hotels in Milan, even away from the city start from 30 euros per night, but the room in three stars hotel in Milan will cost you from 50 euros per day. But almost any hotel in Milan can be booked independently via the Internet online.

Shopping in Milan

Milan gave the world brands such as Prada, Dolce&Gabbana, Giorgio Armani. Better shopping than Milan, is not found throughout Europe. In the period rasprodazha fill the crowds of shoppers, and some hotels barely accommodate guests. Therefore, it is best to make a reservation of the hotel in Milan in advance through the Internet on arrival in Milan to check in to the hotel and to go shopping. One of the zones of Milan’s shopping area is located in Vercelli, where there is not only a large number of boutiques and several shopping centers. Pictures of hotels in the area of Vercelli is slightly higher than the average in Milan, the accommodation will cost you 55 euros per night, but Milan best shops will be within walking distance. Well, the Mecca for shopaholics all over the world is a Fashion district where the most elegant shops and restaurants of Milan. Accordingly, and hotels in the area of Milan’s most luxurious and expensive, 400 euros per day – far not a limit. But you can find a cheaper hotel in Milan, a type of IBIS for 60 euros or Casa MIA.

Places To Visit In Milan

Not everyone knows that in Milan besides shopping, a huge number of attractions. It is primarily the magnificent Milan Cathedral, which is the hallmark of the city. Inside this Gothic Cathedral is the Golden statue of Milan’s patron Saint, but all of the statues in the Cathedral approximately 3.5 thousand. Near the Cathedral is the famous La Scala theatre. Located near La Scala best hotels in Milan – Bulgari and the Four Seasons. And in the Western part of Milan is the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazia, famous because it holds the famous mural of Leonardo da Vinci’s “last supper”. Book a hotel in Milan will allow you to see all the sights with your own eyes.

Milan is also the famous San Siro stadium, hosting football clubs Internazionale and AC Milan. If you love football, this hotel in Milan . be sure to go to the match, emotions are not transmitted!

Search and independent booking cheap hotels in Milan

To book your hotel in Milan or compare prices of Milan . use our search by leading reservation systems. You will be able not only to read descriptions and view location of hotels on a map of Milan, but also to read the guest reviews. And after that to choose and book a suitable hotel in Milan.

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