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Moscow hotels – not the most expensive in Europe

Consultancy PriceWaterhouseCoopers released an analysis of the development of the hotel sector in Europe and gave a forecast of its development

One of the most well-known consulting agencies in the world by PriceWaterhouseCoopers based on a study of 19 major tourism cities in Europe published the analysis of the development of the hotel sector on the continent in 2012, and gave the forecast for the development of the hotel industry in 2013.

As reported by the capital’s Committee on tourism and hotel industry, Moscow this study was not the city with the most expensive hotels, but its performance in ADR (yield per room) and RevPAR (average revenue per room sold) grew steadily in 2012 and are not going, according to analysts, to stop growth in 2013.

PWC survey based on analysis of the “health” of 19 major tourism cities in Europe, with 650 thousand hotel rooms and over 85 million international arrivals in key tourist areas of the Old world.

As noted in the study, in Europe as a whole, average occupancy held last year by the previous year’s level, although by the autumn on this indicator there was a slight decrease, especially in southern Europe, while Eastern European hotels showed clear and distinct growth, especially in the segment of affordable accommodation.

At the same time last year, only four gardapaksi double-digit growth in RevPAR Euro – St. Petersburg (14.1 per cent), Dublin (13.9 percent), Prague (13.1%) and Moscow (12.9 per cent). Close to this category was also in Berlin (9.6%) and Paris (9%).

In General, a steady increase in RevPAR over 10 years show nine European cities — Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Paris and Vienna.

Other areas, on the contrary, in 2012, “struggled for survival” is the decrease in RevPAR in Euro was observed in Lisbon (- 6,5%), Madrid and Zurich (- 5,5%), Edinburgh (- 5,1%).

The hotel industry of Europe is going through difficult times, says the study, referring to forecasts for the coming year. It is expected that RevPAR growth will slow down in all key European tourist destinations.

However, it is best to feel will be the hotel industry tourist Russian capitals, St. Petersburg (forecast RevPAR growth in euros 7.3 per cent) and Moscow (5.2 per cent). Then there is the Paris (5,0%), Frankfurt (3.5 per cent), Berlin (3.2%) and Dublin (3,1% growth).

Recent European leader, London, after three record years, hotel boom associated with previous Olympic games, will lose in comparison with 2012 -7,9% RevPAR, slightly less than in Madrid (-5,8%), Amsterdam to (-3.2%), Zurich (-1,3%), Brussels (-1.2%), Rome (-1,1%) and Geneva (-0.3% mom).

Rank occupancy-2013 is headed by Paris from 79.1% and the best growth will demonstrate in Barcelona (2,7%), Petersburg (2,0%), Brussels (1.6 per cent), Frankfurt (1,2%), Dublin and Berlin (by 1.1%).

The indicator ADR in the lead by a wide margin from the rest will be this year in Paris (267,11 € per room) and Geneva (253,85 Euro). The following lines “ranking cost” — the Zurich and London. Moscow is only fifth place.

The cheapest of all 19 of the largest tourist cities in Europe will remain Prague, where the average hotel room will cost almost 200 euros cheaper than in Paris.

The combination of high occupancy rates and high prices in hotels again take the leaders in RevPAR Paris with 211,17 EUR revenue (an increase of 5% compared to 2012), Geneva (161,80 Euro), London (134,21€), Zurich (131,53 Euro) and Moscow (103,54 Euro).

The largest growth in 2013, according to the forecast of PWC, expects St. Petersburg (7.3 per cent), the rate of return which number is projected to 55,06 € — but it’s only a quarter of the RevPAR Paris is expected.

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