Paradise in the ocean

Paradise in the ocean. The most unusual hotel built on the water.

One of the best and most beautiful places for diving is the island of Pemba, Zanzibar in Tanzania (East Africa), here in the depths of the Indian ocean you can watch the amazing beauty of the underwater world. Here it was decided to build a unique floating above water-the underwater hotel, which is part of the resort, the “Manta Resort”.

This floating underwater hotel was developed by Swedish designer Mikael Gerberga (Mikael Genberg), who heads the company “Genberg Underwater Hotels”. The hotel “Manta Resort” is a three-tiered structure with a height of 4 meters, the bottom of which deepened to a couple of meters under water. Design is fixed to the bottom ropes so that she couldn’t swim. The first tier is the roof of the hotel, which is a lager, here in the sunshine during the day or to admire the starry night sky.

The second tier is at the water level contains a dining area, a shower room and place to stay from where you can admire the vast ocean expanses and splendid panorama of the continent, here is the deck, to which are moored the boat.

But the main room, and the highlight of the hotel is the bedroom which is located on the third floor, immersed in the ocean here, through the large Windows revealing a 360° to observe the underwater world. This is perhaps the main attraction in a modest room, but nothing more is needed, since all attention will be chained outside, in the water depths of the ocean. At night the spotlights switch, located above the Windows and the area around the hotel is filled with light, illuminating everything around and drawing her to the Windows of the bedrooms are sea inhabitants, entertaining a visitor.

The hotel is located 250 metres from the coast of the island of Pemba and is the Paradise whole resort complex “Manta Resort” which is already on land and if you ever get tired to rest under water, you can always find a more traditional type of holiday, where you can find restaurants and a Spa.

As the underwater-overwater hotel is only one room named “Underwater Room at Manta Resort” which can accommodate up to 4 people, but should be booked in advance, those wishing to relax under the water abound. The room rate per cost per day is 900$, and for a couple is $ 1,500 .

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