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Divine wish of France to see many, and especially its capital – Paris. Well who hasn’t heard about the virtues of this marvelous, unique city? There really is something to see traveler. But it is also a business center of global significance. In General, you can get in Paris can be the reason of any man, but they must live somewhere. Actually, not somewhere, and in the hotel, the benefit of many local hotels can be freely called as the same attractions as other world-famous wonders of this glorious city.

If budget institutions to tell not so interesting, the luxury hotels are a great theme, even if the reader never have to visit them. It is worth to mention that the generally accepted five-star classification of hotels is just beginning to take root – much more often instead of the usual five stars in the pennant, we could see four stars with the prefix Grand Lux or Lux, which represents the highest class of world level. So, a dozen of the best hotels in Paris, but as to arrange them in some hierarchy is no longer possible (painfully good), institutions listed here in random order.

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Experts auctionroom “Sotheby’s” claim that the number of outstanding works of art that decorate the premises of this hotel, it has no equal not only in Paris but also in the world.

The hotel is located in the heart of the metropolis, but here there is complete calm. This is facilitated by a roof garden, a large tea room in the Chinese style, as well as ballrooms and entertainment salons for every taste. Suffice it to say that here at different times lived, Marlene Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin, Bob Dylan, the band the Beatles, Tina Turner and Sophia Loren, not to mention the former presidents of France and the United States.

La Reserve Paris

This hotel is located on place du trocadéro opposite the Eiffel tower and very close to the Champs-elysées. La Reserve is a new ultra-modern hotel that is the epitome of the modern concept of luxury Parisian hotels and is a bold alternative to traditional systems.

The unbelievable comfort says that many of the apartments have modern kitchens, stylish living rooms, private gardens and terraces with classic views of urban landscapes.

The Hotel Le Meridien Etoile

This hotel has only four stars, but this fact does not affect his fullness, including world-class stars. The best hotel Le Meridien Etoile makes a unique refined atmosphere of luxury, inherent to the mid-twentieth century. This contributes to a very trim dark wood, own a jazz club, housed in the same building and already has won recognition in musical circles.

Hotel Le Bristol Palace

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in all of Paris. This situation creates a lot of antique furniture, paintings of famous artists and other art objects, in abundance available at the rooms and other premises of the hotel.

This beautiful private building surrounded by stunning gardens. Steps are the Champs Elysees, which implies the proximity of not only fashion boutiques, but the main monuments, museums, gardens.

Hotel De Crillon Palace

This hotel is located on one of the most beautiful squares in the world – Concorde. The hotel was opened in 1909 in a wonderful Palace, built back in 1758. The hotel’s interiors are beautiful, but especially famous for the marble salon, the ambassadorial hall and several galleries, clad in a Golden oak – this is not anywhere else. This was the hotel chosen for accommodation of various public figures whose numbers sometimes kill the world stars of show business.

Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome

Located in the heart of Paris, right on the famous street of the World, this hotel is known for its harmonious combination of history and modernity. It equally concerns as the design of the building and the finishes and functionality of each room.

Designers gave the classic architectural masterpiece a few modern appearance. Well chosen materials – mahogany and unique Parisian limestone pleasing to the eye and luxurious courtyards and colonnades truly bewitch guests of Park Hyatt.

Royal Monceau

In the description of this property, you can afford to be brief, but at the same time, everything is fine to explain – it is a magnificent Palace, and located in the heart of

Paris. It is unlikely that guests get the feeling of living in a hotel – guests of the Palace, and that’s it.

And this is one of the most famous hotels not only in Paris but throughout France. It stands on the famous place vendôme and opened in 1898. The school combines grace, elegance and high comfort, excessive even for the spoiled modern stars, politicians and the rich.

This hotel has long become legendary. Moreover, it is situated on a very prestigious Avenue Monten, and different elegance on the verge of grandeur common to the whole of Paris. This is the best hotel for all couples, newlyweds or lovers of jewelery and high fashion. The latter becomes possible due to the fact that it is a big part of fashion shows of Paris, and that’s a lot.

Contrasting this hotel. So we can say because on one hand it is located in the historical part of the city, and from its Windows you can consider a large number of local antiquities. But on the other hand Meurice Palace and well reflects the frenetic pace of Paris, the capital of delicious balls, endless fashion shows and bustling streets.

The building is old, but for completeness comfort you can not worry, as there recently have all been remodeled and renovated, so the hotel now peacefully coexist with the most modern system for ensuring and antique furniture, which I do not want to use it, and just enjoy.

In General, there in Paris nice hotels, but still a lot. This top ten could easily be challenged and even replaced by other institutions. Because any of Paris hotels has something different, best and unique, which makes the assessment of every person about him is subjective, though, and only partly fair. But in any case, in the capital of France there are no hotels that would not be pleasant, but there are plenty of institutions that will enjoy more.

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