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The legendary hotel, the historic Raffles hotel, is the place where first goes every tourist caught in Singapore. Somerset Maugham called “Raffles” “the legendary symbol of the exotic East”. Few hotels can boast so many legendary visitors. Today, Raffles is a place visiting where you will really remember for a lifetime.


The hotel was founded in 1887 four brothers-Armenians – Yerevan, avecom, Arshak, and Martin Sarkisalmi and became part of a huge network of Asian hotels owned by them. Its name he received in honor of the founder of Singapore – Sir Stamford of Raffle. At first it was a tiny Bungalow with only 10 rooms, but the hotel does not stand still, and in 1894 was built the wing ” Palm Court “, 18 November 1899 took place the solemn opening of the main building, which still stands today. Raffles was the first place in Singapore, where there were electric lights and fans, the hotel has become like a magnet to attract tourists and residents of Singapore, and after 20 years in the hotel “Raffles” Yum Tong boon invented his legendary cocktail ” Singapore Sling “, his popularity at all-time high.It was visited by celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, Maurice Chevalier and Jane Harlow, a famous writer Somerset Maugham, happened, hours worked, sitting in the shade of the trees ” Palm Court “. During the Second World War, the hotel passed from one party to another and more than once served as a haven for British citizens. After the war the hotel was partially destroyed, and only 1989, was closed for complete restoration costing $ 160 million. Today Raffles is, without doubt, one of the best hotels in the world and has won many awards such as “Best hotel Singapore”, “Best Hotel Asia” and the only hotels in Asia winner of the main prize of the prestigious hotel in the world. The guardian of the traditions of the hotel is its Museum where You can learn about its interesting and rich history. Now we will look at famous bars.

The Long Bar is located in the old wing of the hotel. The bar interior is designed in the old style, and every visitor coming here can feel the spirit of old Singapore.

Much attention is paid to the uniforms of the staff – the bartenders are dressed in traditional white jackets with the same bow tie. The waiters are also dressed in white robes and sandals – I guess it’s convenient for them.

Additional charm of the Long Bar -gives the crunch of peanut shells under your feet (rolling on the floor in the Long Bar -e – usual case).

But, of course, the Long Bar is known primarily for the cocktail Singapore Sling. which is so popular that is sold in bulk (around 2,000 servings a day!).

This cocktail was released in the beginning of XX century and it was invented by a Chinese barman Yum Tong boon from the island of Hainan (an island in the South China sea belongs to China and is considered its province).

In the hotel’s Museum, visitors can see the safe in which Yum kept his precious recipe book, it also kept the recipe for ” Sling “. One day in 1936, a visitor to a ordered it the waiter and hastily wrote down the method of making this cocktail on the check.

The original “Singapore Sling” was considered a female drink, in particular because of alluring pink. Today this drink is very popular among all. Those who have visited Raffles hotel and not tasted it, can assume that he wasn’t there! It should be noted that the original recipe of the cocktail today is known to nobody his both types (variant, variant approved by IBA and the Long Bar – a) only remotely resemble the original. Today, the cocktail is so popular that you can try for free on all flights from Singapore Airlines. The cost of a cocktail at the Long Bar is 25 Singapore dollars.

30 ml Gin

15 ml of Liquor ” Cherry Brandy ”

120 ml Pineapple juice

15 ml Lime juice

7.5 ml Liquor ” Cointreau ”

7.5 ml of Liquor ” Benedictine Dom ”

10 ml of Syrup “grenadine”

1 dash Bitters ” Angostura ”

Method of preparation: Shake

Glass: Highball

Decoration: a Slice of pineapple, cocktail cherry red ; drinking straw stirrer

Bar & Billiard Room (1896)

“Million dollar cocktail”

In this equally famous bar that is also in the “Raffles Hotel” you can try a cocktail ” Million dollar cocktail “, which is also an invention of the bartender from “Raffles Hotel” Nom Tong boon in the early 1900.

Cocktail “Million dollar cocktail” gained extraordinary fame and brought quite a large profit from the sale when Somerset Maugham described it in his work “Letters”, which is one of the most famous and favorite bartending stories.

“Raffles Hotel” immortalized one of the great stories Maugham, continuing to have in the assortment a bitter-sweet miracle, served in the Bar & Billiard Room. the so-called cocktail ” with tangy “.

30 ml Gin

7.5 ml Sweet red vermouth

7.5 ml Dry vermouth

120 ml Pineapple juice

1 dash Egg white

1 dash Bitter “Angostura”

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