Summer with Natalie tours!

Rate Pronto – ideal for those who plan their holidays in advance! The rate is valid for early booking for the summer period and offers up to 30%! Hurry, there are very few time!

The specialists of “Natalie tours” has developed the most convenient routes, the most interesting excursions, best beach resorts, picked the most decent hotels, everything is designed to make Your stay truly unforgettable!

Spain is a diverse country with picturesque hills, emerald alluring sea, diverse cultural heritage and friendly atmosphere. Spain is simply impossible to remain indifferent, she wins hearts at once and forever!

Beach in key regions such as the Costa Daurada, Costa Brava, Majorca, Tenerife and others, there are a number of special offers: room upgrade and power, discounts or free stays for kids and more!

Book your holiday in Spain on the Costa Brava and Costa Daurada, Pronto with discounts up to 33%! There are also special offers from exclusive hotels “Natalie tours”!

Hotel chain Iberostar offers clients “Natalie tours” exclusive online savings on veseleny period.

Italy is famous for the special atmosphere that cannot be found in any other corner of the world! Here every day is a holiday, and every visit to this Sunny Peninsula fills a man with energy and joie de vivre!

In the summer season of “Natalie tours” offers a number of exclusive tours in Italy and tours “Combi”, where the excursion program combined with recreation at the resorts! At select hotels in the most popular resort regions there are savings up to 25%!

Greece – a unique country whimsical sea coasts, cosy valleys, olive groves, a country of beautiful landscapes and generous people. Here, the sky is incredibly blue, the sun is tender and hot, the air filled with the scent of sea and herbs! It was here millennia ago was born the greatest civilization, which echoes through the centuries and now teach harmony and wisdom.

In Greece, one of the major destinations for family holidays, the whole season is a special offer “Kids fly free”. Company “Natalie tours” are exclusive in the Russian market is a chain hotel “Blue Bay Group”, which has a number of exclusive special offers. We offer the specials and hotel chain Aldemar: up to 25%, the meal upgrade and the upgrade room. .

France highlighted on a map of Europe for most travelers. Each region of this country, from côte d’azur to Brittany, is absolutely unique, but at the same time, each of them felt what is called “French spirit”. Spend summer vacation in this incredible country and take a chance to admire majestic castles and modest picturesque villages, wander through the narrow streets of the medieval fortresses and the wide corridors of the Palace, taste the gastronomic delights each province and, of course, soak up the sun on the manicured beaches! Discounts on early booking rate to 20%.

The journey to Turkey is a wonderful opportunity to be in this Kingdom of rest. A short flight and You are in a fertile land, where You will meet the warm sea, clean air, beautiful nature and picturesque neighborhoods of the old cities. In this amazing place offers modern resorts, comfortable hotels and entertainment for kids and adults!

In Turkey throughout the summer season, there are discounts for early booking up to 25%!

Portugal is a wonderful direction for both the beach and cognitive rest. We offer to spend unforgettable holidays in of Your choice from the resort regions of the Atlantic coast and enjoy their beaches. Great and deserved popularity with Russian tourists enjoy the resorts of the Riviera Lisbon, the Algarve and the Portuguese island of Madeira.

In Portugal throughout summer season, there are discounts for early booking up to 30%!

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