The famous Ice hotel in Sweden

It is November, which means it’s time to go to Sweden! How “why”? Admire the newly created Icehotel!

Yes, it is newly created, because this miracle of architectural thought, every autumn, is being built from scratch to the delight of many tourists.

Background Icehotel Of Jukkasjarvi

The tradition of exhibitions of the Grand ice and snow sculpture a long time ago travels the world, wandering following cold months. But in the Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi in the North of the country, decided to go further.

However, the story goes that with the usual exhibition of ice sculptures all started. In 1990 for the exhibition especially remarkable statues of the organizers of the exhibition created a whole ice Igloo — a hut from national ice blocks. In the afternoon it was often visited by numerous spectators, and one night some of the tourists even had to spend the night in the “exhibition hall”, wrapped in sleeping bags and skins, as small Jukkasjarvi hotels are unable to accommodate all who came.

Unusual overnight stay in the art-object so impressed the visitors that since the 1990 in the Swedish village annually erected for the tourists a real ice hotel. Although just a hotel and it is difficult to call. Today IcehotelJukkasjarvi — the whole ice hotel complex, existing from November to April.

Some statistics

Now in the Swedish ice hotel simultaneously can accommodate 100 guests.

For the season, this is staying about 30 000 people.

The ice hotel complex includes more than 80 buildings (including a restaurant, a common room, a bar, a chapel, a theatre).

Temperature “in the room” here does not exceed -4…-8 °C (outside can stand temperatures around -37…-35 °C).

Price per night in an ice room can reach several hundred euros depending on its class.

The hotel is so popular that rooms have to be booked in advance almost a year.

Ice blocks for the construction of the hotel are annually cut down in the nearby frozen river Tour-river.

Convenience and entertainment

What to do in this realm of cold, where floors, walls and furniture made of ice? — ask the inexperienced tourist. It is unlikely in the ice room will be comfortable just watching TV in a chair or lying on the bed, looking at the scenery outside the window or the interior?

Why not porazglyadyvat, given the fact that every year over these interiors features famous designers from different countries from year to year they create brand new, unique room! And be quite comfortable, I assure you. Unless, of course, to stock up on sleeping bags, warm furs, winter gloves and boots which the hotel provides to its guests. If this is not enough — in order the room with hot tea or coffee. In the morning, tourists bring mulled wine, and in the evenings almost all going in the ice bar Absolut Icebar, whose walls were decked with colored lights, to consume something a little warmer. By the way, the chandelier and even the glasses in bar are made of the same ice!

As we have already mentioned, all rooms in the hotel are different, you can choose the style, dimensions and number of bedrooms, the situation. The only thing that may not like the habit is no electricity Yes Hiking in the sanitary zone outside the hotel.

What else to do at the hotel? Enjoy the Northern lights that can be seen right out the window. Visit to the ice chapel: for a fee you can even hold your wedding ceremony or christening. Visit the ice theatre: it is said, he copies the famous Shakespearean “the globe”. To discover that in the ice hotel there is a working sauna! Under the guidance of the instructor to cut out of ice your own ice sculpture. Down to the river to bathe in an ice hole or ice fishing. Go on a snowmobile tour or dog sledding.

Of Jukkasjarvi Icehotel is the first and largest ice hotel in the world. But not the only one. Assessing the popularity of unusual entertainment, such hotel complexes began to be built today, not only in Sweden but also in Norway, Canada, USA. Finland. Romania…

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The famous Ice hotel in Sweden
It is November, which means it's time to go to Sweden! How "why"? Admire the newly created Icehotel! Yes, it is newly created, because this miracle of architectural thought, every…

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