The hotel Alexander house hotel Barnaul

The place where we live even a short time, must meet not only our needs but also provide them comfort and convenience. Therefore, the hotels of Barnaul are a large part of perceptions of the city among tourists. The hotel “Alexander House”, despite the relatively short operating time, managed to conquer the hearts of not only the residents of other cities of Russia, not only foreign audiences but also to trigger the silent envy among famous hotels in Barnaul.

It is the “Alexander House” prefer foreign businessmen, as the hotel meets all European requirements of service and strives to be the best among the hotels in Barnaul . According to the guests who came from other countries, thanks to the high quality service, technical equipment and cosy atmosphere, many have the feeling that they never left home. 24 tastefully furnished rooms create an atmosphere of a small European hotel, and daily delivery of morning Newspapers will invoke nostalgia even in Prim and proper Englishman who has chosen our hotel, thoroughly examining all of Barnaul

Another reason why the “Alexander House” is so popular, is its technical equipment and convenient booking system of hotels in Barnaul . Air conditioners, televisions, besprovodnaya technology Wi-Fi, a work area each room has everything you need for a successful business.

Many of the city of Barnaul have in their infrastructure conference. We are no exception. Our conference room seats 70 people that can solve the most serious issues, using modern technical means – computer, flipchart, multimedia projector, web-camera and Internet access. That the hotel’s conference hall meets the highest technical requirements, says that it was here in 2008, took place the working meeting of representatives of intelligence services of Russia and Kazakhstan, have chosen out of all the hotels of Barnaul our hotel. Speaking of security – the entrance to the living area is by means of magnetic cards, curtains and duvets made of German non-flammable fabrics, all rooms have individual safes, which makes the stay in the hotel not only comfortable but also safe. The hotel “Alexander House” fully satisfied the demands of even the “star” guests. Alexander Marshall, “Prohibited Drummers”, Sergey Babkin, “Earthlings”, Ilya Lagutenko, Aleksandr Revva and even the world-famous Duo “Morandi” was very pleased with the accommodation and singled out among the other hotels of Barnaul . Also frequent guests at the hotel are representatives of regional and city administrations of the region, who often come to our city and choosing decent hotels Barnaul .

Without leaving hotel You can easily buy tickets anywhere in the world, as well as registration of foreign citizens. The hotel provides special discounts for groups, corporate clients, travel companies.

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