The most expensive hotels in the world

Tokyo, Moscow, Cannes, new York, Geneva are just some of the cities of the world, which are the most expensive of. These hotels in Royal or presidential rooms and apartments stop the richest people of the planet, stars, leading politicians and athletes. Us portal Celebrity Net Worth has been named the ten most expensive hotel rooms in the world, stay not just memorable, but truly luxurious.

1. Hotel Martinez Hotel in Cannes

The penthouse at the hotel Martinez Hotel, which is located in Cannes, is one of the most expensive places in the world. The night in the room in this French hotel with spectacular views of the city, you can spend for the price of 18 000$. The penthouse offers the most refined interior, luxury furniture and lots of expensive additional services.

2. Hotel in Moscow – Ritz-Carlton

Moscow five-star hotel Ritz-Carlton is a legend in Russia. The room in this luxury hotel costs 18 $ 200. A highlight is the huge window from floor to ceiling, heated floors, majestic furnishings, private library and a Grand piano. The room area is 760 square meters. Out scenic views of Red square and the Kremlin.

3. The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

Hotel Burj Al Arab in the United Arab Emirates offers Royal rooms with luxurious handmade furniture, elegant four-poster bed and rich carpets. This room for rent is 19 thousand dollars. For two-storey suites built its own Elevator. As an additional free service relies a Rolls Royce with a personal driver. In addition, the room has a cinema.

4. Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome in Paris

In this hotel you can rent a king room for $ 20,000. It covers a huge area. which is 230 square meters on which are located the kitchen, dining room, bar, sauna, Jacuzzi and a private Spa bathroom.

5. The hotel The Atlantis on the island of Bigamy

Queen room in this hotel is worth 22 thousand dollars. It consists of ten rooms, which are connected link between 2 towers of the hotel. Real luxury, isn’t it? Here happy to spend the days and nights of the richest people of the world, enjoying the abundance of delicious forms of interior and scenic nature of the Islands.

6. The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo

This Japanese hotel acquired an extraordinary popularity due to their luxurious room with a private pool, huge living room and a cozy room for the tea ceremony. Spend a day in a place like this is 25 thousand dollars.

7. Rome hotel Westin Excelsior

The Westin Excelsior in Italy known for its luxury product range – room Villa La Capula. A night in an expensive room will cost 29 thousand dollars. The room is decorated in Baroque style. In it reigns an atmosphere worthy of kings and Queens.

8. The new York Four Seasons Hotel

Rent a room in this famous American hotel at the price of 34 thousand dollars. Over the big money you will receive 9 rooms, which occupy the entire top floor of the hotel. Serving this luxurious room has a separate Elevator.

9. Hotel in Las Vegas – Palms Casino Resort

Rent themed penthouse Hugh Hefner in an expensive hotel will cost you $ 40,000 per night. Two-story room decorated in the glamorous style of Playboy. The highlight of the room is a round the clock Butler service, rotating bed under mirrored ceilings and gorgeous pool overlooking the city.

10. Hotel in Geneva – President Wilson Hotel

The Royal penthouse Suite in this hotel is the most expensive rooms in the world. The cost per day will make 59 thousand dollars. Three-bedroom Suite, located on the top floor, allows you to place in a cocktail lounge-the room for about 40 guests.

Now you know about the features of the most expensive and offers the most luxurious hotels in the world. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll be lucky enough to visit one of them! Though, probably, it is not important where you rest, and with whom you do it. Let your most precious people will always be there, sharing all joys and sorrows. While luxury may substitute for a real mutual love and harmony in relationships. It will not buy for any money and I sincerely wish!

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