The most unusual hotels in the world

The concept of “hotel as a place to pass the night” are long gone: more and more hotels in themselves are attractions. Unusual hotels, which is to talk, a lot. In our review we present 3 nominations.

1. The most unusual material. Never know what they are doing of. You will be surprised.

2. The most unusual location or appearance. Owners of hotels are ready to go to any lengths to attract attention and be remembered.

The most unusual material.

5. Straw hotel.

Kumbuk River Hotel, Buttala, Sri Lanka

The hotel is located on 16 acres of wilderness along the river OYA Kumbukkan, where visitors can sleep in the belly of a giant elephant. Environmental two-storey hut built from grass and twigs, and on windy days the hotel starts to wiggle.

4. Salt hotel

The hotel Palacio de Sal, Uyuni Salt flats, Bolivia

The hotel is in a living room, dining room, a bar and 15 bedrooms made entirely from salt. A hotel built of salt blocks which were brought from a wide surrounding plains and salt bonded with tsementobetonnoj mixture of salt and water. The only thing not made of salt in this hotel is the toilets and tin roof.Small note: the owner of the hotel urges visitors not to lick the walls.

3. Sandy hotel.

The Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth, UK

This beachfront resort made entirely of sand, namely from 1100 tons of sand. On the construction of which was completed in 2008, worked 4 of the sculptor who built it in a week 14 hours a day. However, the hotel itself lasted until the first heavy rain.

For 15 dollars a night, visitors can sleep under the stars and Wake up from the tide splashing on the door of the hotel. This hotel is not the best option for those who do not like sand in a bathing suit or those who need an indoor toilet.

2. Ice hotel

Hotel Icehotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Hotel Icehotel is the largest hotel made of ice and snow. Visitors can sleep on beds made of snow and ice, like most furniture, at a temperature of minus 5 degrees Celsius.

Every year, as the building melts and then again restored. In November, the team of architects re-builds rooms, bar and chapel from several tons of ice. And if you dream about walks in snowy robes, is worth a visit this hotel again, because each time it will be another hotel.

1. The chocolate hotel

The hotel Godiva Chocolate Suite, new York, USA

Mmmm. A hotel room made of chocolate. The leader of the rating “the Most unusual material.” Edible furniture – here it is the dream of a sweet tooth. The tale of the gingerbread house.

Chocolate maker Godiva designed this Suite entirely from chocolate-including the armchairs, bed, artwork, lamps and walls. In 2008, the chocolate room was moved to the hotel Bryant Ricco Valentine’s day. Being incredibly sweet, this hotel room is more for eating than for sleeping.

The most unusual location or appearance.

5. Dream Of Diogenes. Rooms in wine barrels.

The hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren, Stavoren, Netherlands

The hotel de Vrouwe remade wine barrels in four twin rooms with standard facilities, bathroom and living room. Wooden barrels capacity of 14500 liters of wine are still wine, fragrant Beaujolais that once were kept here. Although the rooms are quite small, they are very strong and tight.

4. The hotel is in prison

The Karostas Cietums Hotel, Latvia, Liepaja

This hotel is a former military prison built in 1905, the placement of the revolutionaries, enemies of the people in Stalin’s time and later the KGB. While the exemplary hotel will are safe, clean and have good staff, the hotel Karostas breaks all the fundamental concepts of hospitality, offering visitors to live in the shadow of the prisoner.

Here you can sleep rough on the benches of jail, enjoy prison food and experience is not the most friendly treatment by prison guards.

3. Hotel in the trees

The Hotel Mirrorcube, Harrads, Sweden

Treehotel opened in 2010 in the North of Sweden, near the small village of Harads. The project was designed by leading architcture Scandinavia. Small complex located in the forest, although equipped with all modern amenities. All rooms are located in the trees and quite a variety. For example, the room in the form of a nest, a room in the UFO, and the most unusual of them like a mirrored cube and almost invisible from the outside. By the way, mirror one-sided, the rooms offer a stunning view. However under foot is better not to look.

2. Rotating hotel

The Hotel Marmara Antalya, Antalya, Turkey

The Marmara Antalya hotel consists of 208 rooms overlooking the Mediterranean sea, Taurus mountains and Antalya.

The world’s first rotating hotel. The upper floor where there are 24 rooms, rotates, giving visitors a constantly changing view. The hotel floats in a pool containing 478 tons of water, and six motors can be rotated 360 degrees at the base several times a day.

1. The strange hotel.

Hotel Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany

The hotel is headed by many ratings and is in great demand.

Hotel Propeller Island City Lodge is rightly considered the most bizarre hotel in the world. This unusual hotel created a furor in the sphere of non-standard tourism,it has no analogue in the world. The hotel has 45 rooms, all completely different in style and design. There is a wish to sleep in a prison cell or in a coffin. There is a room in which all the collar on the inversion, as there is a room with floating bed… in short, each room is unique and extraordinary. All the furniture and rooms of this hotel have been designed by German designer Lars Strastnom. However, for living in such an extraordinary hotel you have to pay expensive, because the price of the room, nachinaetsya from 69 dollars up to 200 dollars.


5. The most compact

Capsule hotels – Tokyo, Japan

This is a small sleeping cells arranged one above the other. They are built near the railway stations and airports. The accommodation is Spartan, but more in anticipation of a trip is not required. Capsule hotel in Tokyo Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule though it was not the first, but is the largest among its kind in the world: it 660 rooms the size of 1×2×1 meter.

4. The underground

The hotel Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast Farmington, new Mexico, USA

Kokopelli”s Cave is an unusual hotel, which is located in a cave near new Mexico. The rooms are located in the rock, at a depth of 70 m. It was opened in 1997 by geologist Bruce Black. In a cave hotel has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, Jacuzzi and even TV system. The hotel Kokopelli”s Cave – the cave is luxurious and the perfect place to stay and very suitable for those who like to hike. Originally, the cave was built as an office for a geologist, but later it was converted into an unusual and quite spacious hotel,where you can post as guests.

3. The highest mountain

The Hotel Everest View, Nepal

The highest hotel in the world. The building is located at a height of 3,880 metres above sea level. Guests are guaranteed the most spectacular views of Everest. Wishing on the famous mountain peak to deliver the helicopter.

2. The deep

The Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

To go down under the water on the island Poseidon (Fiji), the Poseidon Undersea Resort, located in the former submarine station. It is located at a depth of 12 m, wall and ceilings in a sealed capsule made of transparent glass, the capsules are interconnected by a sealed corridor. Captain Nemo would be delighted — you can observe the life of the ocean without leaving the bedroom. Among the unusual facilities — remote feeding the fish with the remote and turn on special lights that attract the local fauna.

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