The most unusual hotels in the world

Every journey begins with the choice of hotel. There are such places, check in which in itself becomes a fun event. Hotel owners compete in originality – at home underwater, in the snow and even on trees. This is justified because most unusual hotels are never idle and are quite expensive.

The hotel “Jules’ Undersea Lodge” (Underwater Lodge Jules) in Florida offers its guests only two rooms. However, the turn to the hotel is difficult to imagine – because to get there, you have to dive with an aqualung. The hotel is equipped with in the former underwater laboratory, and equipped with everything necessary. Its name speaks for itself – the idea of creating owners are required to the Jules Verne, or rather his works.

“Jules’ Undersea Lodge”

Hotel Magic Mountain Hotel is located in the virgin forest in Chile. This hotel is the mountain from the top of which is pouring a waterfall. To get inside, have to walk across a shaky suspension bridge. The hotel has 13 rooms and has everything you need.

Magic Mountain Hotel

The Ice Hotel is a comfortable ice hotel in Sweden, has 60 rooms. Guests are surrounded by ice walls sleep on ice beds covered with reindeer skins. Meanwhile, the hotel is not cold, and there are lots of facilities – bar, restaurant, movie theater, and even the Church exhibition gallery. The only inconvenience was awarded to the owners of the hotel. As you know, the ice is not eternal, and the hotel must be updated annually.

The Ice Hotel

In Tokyo is quite affordable hotel Capsule Inn . This solution future – all the comfort and minimum space. The guest sleep in separate capsules made of plastic. Inside the cell has everything you need – a TV, alarm clock, lighting, berth.

Capsule Inn

At the other end of the world in Germany, guests are invited to spend the night in a beer barrel. Each room at Airbnb has a beer container, which was used for the purpose intended. Inside the barrels is a bed that will fit two people. To get into the barrel, you have to climb the ladder.

the hotel Airbnb

In India you can feel real forest resident, when you stay at hotel Green Magic . All rooms are located on trees at a height of 30m from the ground. Beauty and the environment here is really primitive, but otherwise, everything is quite modern. The rooms have private facilities, hot water and phones.

hotel Green Magic

Island of madness – Propeller Island – is quite respectable in the city of Berlin. German musician and artist Lars Strachan have embodied here all his odious fantasies. Guests can stay in “curve fitted”, in a prison cell, and even in the cells near the ceiling. In the hotel there is even a room with coffins beds – this apartment can accommodate those who love legends about vampires.

Propeller Island

The most unusual hotels in the world
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