The most unusual hotels in the world

If you spend most of your time in front of the mirror. you will have the taste of a night spent in a German mirror room at Propeller Island City Lodge. Other people a huge number of private reflection, perhaps, can be maddening.

The hotel Propeller Island City Lodge all rooms are themed, and their interiors created by one man – designer Lars Stratena, ensure that each room can affect and change the consciousness of its inhabitants.

So, feeling that the world was overturned, one can enjoy in another room of the same hotel – Upside Down. The beds here are on the ceiling, and chandelier hanging on the floor. However good the designer of this design still bothered about the comfort of the tenants and made recesses, in which you can sleep – in “ceiling”.

The seekers of extreme sensations in a slightly different area, the owners will offer to settle, for example, named Two Lions room. And here the cells – not the most interesting. Much more interesting mirror-transparent wall that separates the room from the neighboring room.

This hotel is called the Dog Bark Park Inn is located in the U.S. state of Idaho, and probably will attract fans of hound dog breeds. The tenants argue that stronger than all sleep in a small room, located directly in the dog’s face. So that guests do not get bored, they predominanatly workshops, training, how to make soap, bake bread, learn the skills of the photographer, and how to write a business plan.

To imagine that the concrete can be cozy, quite difficult. But the creators of the Austrian hotel Das Park Hotel has decided to prove it. They brought to the river Bank sewer (not new, but clean), ennobled them, and now invite everyone to spend the night in them.

But it is much more comfortable to stay in new Zealand Motel Woodlyn Park, on the idea which its founders gave the book “Lord of the Rings”. For only 95 dollars you can feel like a hobbit. If to be a hobbit fan to try on the role of the conductor, pilot or a sailor from the nearby small hotels in the train, plane and ship, respectively.

Maybe better to move in Chile’s Magic Mountain Hotel, which is under the waterfall on the magic mountain? Find yourself in it can only be mastered by a very long suspension bridge stretched at the level of the tops of the surrounding trees.

It is unlikely you will get the idea that located in Porto real crane is actually a comfortable hotel, decorated in the style of hi-tech.

Alone on a hill a few tens of meters around and seeing only the sea, you will surely forgive Dutch Crane Hotel its prestigious location.

Supporters of functionality and simplicity, which are uncomfortable in very spacious rooms and hate to see loud colors, certainly need to visit the Australian hotel The Old Jail. Her owners are confident that the strong prison walls give their residents a sense of security. For walks perfect patio, which is surrounded by barb wire walls.

The hotel is pretty budget, but that is not surprising, since not much has changed since then, when the building was a full-fledged prison. Except that brought the opportunity to close the door not only outside but inside.

If you do not want to break away from the earth’s surface, can be accommodated in the Dutch hotel Capsule Hotel, built in escape pods, at one time used on offshore oil platforms. Group of 4 orange “flying saucers” and nearby a large dish reception looks on the river is quite picturesque. Undeniable advantage of this hotel is that it is easy to move from one place to another.

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