The most unusual hotels in which everyone wants to visit

The original hotel can be painted any journey in bright colors. We offer you to learn about 20 unique places across the world that will surprise even the most experienced traveler: from ice hotels in Sweden to “giraffe Manor” in Kenya.

1. Manta Resort, Tanzania

Imagine a morning in a hotel room: stretching, you come to the window, pushing the curtains and… find glass shoal of curious fish! This does not only care sheltered accommodation is located not far from the island of Pemba in the open sea. And part of his apartment is under water!

2. Giraffe manor, Kenya

In “giraffe Manor”, located in the suburbs of Nairobi, graceful long-necked animals bred under the programme for the protection of nature, can easily join the Breakfast guests.

3. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Sparkling faces of the glass igloos, the hotel provides an incomparable experience: the solitude of the winter sky on the background of snowy forest landscape, simultaneously basking in the warmth of my hotel room – a truly unique experience.

4. Ice hotel Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Etodolac of ice like an art object. Since “cold” art is fleeting, doors for guests are open only during one season of the year. The hotel offers themed entertainment, among which there is something with the intriguing title “ice arts under the midnight sun”.

5. Loisaba star bed, Kenya

In the Kenyan desert, awaits its guests a unique complex open-air. Travellers invited to spend the night on the large wooden beds and enjoy views of the river valley and its inhabitants. Authentic African design beds complemented with wheels to quickly move to shelter if the need arises.

6. Hotel on the trees, Sweden

A fantastic variety of designs of hotel rooms in most Swedish forests, offers a choice of residential properties such as: UFO, Mirror cube, Tree sauna, the bird’s nest, Blue cone, the Cabin, and Dragonfly. One of them will bring a truly original experience.

7. Conrad Hotel, Maldives

The Conrad hotel has several bungalows with glass bottom and totally submerged rooms. Resting surrounded by transparent walls, with a glass of vintage wines peacefully watch the life of tiger sharks, stingrays, turtles and shoals of colorful fishes, scurrying between picturesque coral reefs.

8. The Hotel Au Vieux Panier, France

In the centre of Marseille is located art hotel, every room is bright and unique: the room is painted according to individual projects of artists with worldwide recognition. The interior design is regularly changed and updated. Get enough inspiration and can from the contemplation of the urban landscape, opening from the terrace on the roof.

9. Panchoran Retreat, Bali

Hidden in the thicket of the jungle of Bali, this hotel is an entertaining combination of art project, resort and eco-garden. Created in the 70-ies of the Irish designer of the complex was the venue for festivals, seminars and conferences of ecologists.

10. The sanctuary resort and Anantara Golden Triangle, Thailand

In the heart of the mountain jungles of Northern Thailand is an amazing hotel-reserve. In addition to the classic services offered to guests here are absolutely unique entertainment: Hiking, riding on elephants and play with young elephants. The charm of these stately animals do not leave anyone indifferent.

11. The Hotel Sidi Driss, Tunisia

How about stay in the apartment, identical to the home of Luke Skywalker from the movie Star wars? Tunisian hotel not just offers this feature, but also allows guests to make your fantastic dream come true for only $ 10 a day!

12. Sala silver mine, Sweden

Sometimes the desire to “escape from earth” can be performed directly in the hundred meters under the ground. To stay in the deepest hotel room in the world, contemplating the vaults of this mine, where the silver was mined silver – is not the best way to give your holiday in peaceful Sweden is a little adventure spice?

13. Barin ski resort, Iran

Just one hour drive from Tehran on the horizon appears a snow-white fortress, as if rising from the sparkling white mountains. The interior of the hotel is reminiscent of eskimo igloos, interior design and facade was carefully crafted and blended in with the snowy landscape, emphasizing the beauty of the surrounding nature of the resort.

14. Attrap’reves Hotel, France

An original vision of space organization are the creators of this French hotel. The triumph of non-standard forms captivates fans of unusual holiday and becomes a source of fantastic experiences. Guests will feel like real astronauts, thrusting futuristic tented camp in the expanses of a distant planet.

15. Montaña Mágica Lodge, Chile

This hotel is not only an artificial geyser, but also a biosphere reserve, so control of it was taken by the organization UNESCO. Its territory is home to rare species of animals, and hot springs go right out of the trunks of trees.

16. The Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

On snow Alpine resort stretches hemisphere winter Bungalow eco Whitepod hotel. Its creators seek to use the most environmentally friendly materials and to reduce all possible harm to the environment: they optimally minimize the consumption of water and electricity, but also reduce the production of waste.

17. Quinta Real Zacatecas, Mexico

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Zacatecas, a Mexican variant of the Coliseum, the stadium is a former Bullring converted into a welcoming luxury hotel.

18. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Rainforest of Vancouver prepared for the adventurous original resting place. Although the abundance of comfort from hanging on the trees of the fields do not have to wait, wonderful feeling from gentle rocking in the wind, lulling the tired guest among the leaves, will be more than precious memories.

19. Hotel Everland, Switzerland

This hotel is a modern work of art. The hotel with a single room is fully portable and has managed to circumnavigate Europe 5 times. He is now “retired” and settled in Switzerland, but the former glory of adventure does not leave him today.

20. Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Travelers in Italy are invited to stay in a truly epic building. The hotel is settled in the caves of the cliffs of Polignano a Mare, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Adriatic sea. Meals in hotel restaurant are served to the accompaniment of the sound of crashing rocks waves.

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