The world’s best hotels for a dirty weekend

The so-called “dirty weekends” are now almost on the verge of extinction. One British company released last week review, which States that two thirds of couples in the UK had no “dirty” weekend last year.

We know what the cause of this anxiety and the downward trend. People just became bored with the monotony. Whenever the list sex hotels appears on the pages of Newspapers, it includes all of the same brothels, which I love to visit ordinary citizens or celebretis. You doubt that you actually need it? But any doctor sexologist will tell you that the main enemy of a harmonious sexual life is routine. Therefore, each of us needs some variety.

We can offer you shamelessly eclectic selection of the very “dirty” output. You can have an affair or to arrange a tour of the phallic-symbolic beacons, to indulge in literary erotica or watch some porn – there is entertainment for every taste and for all occasions. The main thing is to learn to have fun because the world is a sinful place, and we should snatch their share from the total pie promiscuity.

Hotel PELIROCCO, Brighton, UK

Probably not one of a sex hotel in the world for its audacity to compete with PELIROCCO . where the rooms are decorated in the style of “Boudoir Betty” hung around with posters of cult starlet 1950s Bettiepage. All rooms feature a leopard print lingerie and a must-have accessory – handcuffs, you can handcuff your partner to the bed.

You can order the so-called “Bubble suite” with a huge round bed and large mirror on the ceiling. The room service menu you will find not only traditional champagne, but also various electric devices included in the cost of batteries, and DVDs of such films, which can embarrass even the Betty.

The room rate in this hotel is $135 .

COMBE HOUSE HOTEL, Gittisham, Devonshire, England

If you know how to control their libido and are more inclined to romance, and not your life, then you need to visit this country hotel.

We make a choice in favor of COMBE HOUSE HOTEL, not because it’s a resort with pools, but because this Elizabethan manor is 3.5 thousand acres of virgin territory. There are only 15 rooms, very popular among which are the rooms Pitt and Willington. The atmosphere of a country house necessarily to get to rip off your partner’s bra and start to act.

A room in this hotel will cost you $222 per day.

The hotel DU VIN, Henley, UK

In this room under the name Dom Pérignon has a huge bed, the size of which is eight by eight feet. And whatever anyone says, we know that size matters. But this is the main attraction of the hotel. DU VIN is the largest on the planet soul. They are so large that a couple of lovebirds during their visit can be both clean and “dirty”.

For a room in this hotel will have to pay about $412 .

The WEST USK lighthouse, Newport, Gwent

If you like phallic symbols, then you just have to go crazy with beacon. WEST USK is not the greatest, but the most romantic lighthouse in the area. In the nine rooms are large water bed that, at a certain skill can mimic the movement of ocean waves. The dilapidation of buildings adds to his charm. The locals call WEST USK perfect nest of love, where you can be alone for the holidays.

Rates in this hotel start from $147 .

THE HOTEL, Luzern, Switzerland

You would think that the title “Hotel” for hotel is not very good? But the Swiss, which adherents of minimalism, I know a lot about the town. THE HOTEL is very elegant and sexy the hotel, which was the result of sensual inspiration of the French designer Gina Novela that on the ceiling of the room depicted scenes from the most popular erotic films.

Double room in THE HOTEL costs $232 .

DAR MOUASSINE, Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a true Arabian night fantasy. Here, sunsets paint the wall in a passionate blood-red color. Of the many Riad we choose DAR MOUASSINE . because here you can feel the luxury of the past. In addition, there are very thick walls that will not allow outsiders to eavesdrop on your enjoyment.

A room in this hotel will cost at least $87 .


Is the library? “It’s so boring,” you say, yawning. But this hotel is filled with not ordinary books. THE LIBRARY HOTEL will give you the opportunity to read the complete autobiography of Casanova, to try out all the intricacies of the Kama Sutra, but also enjoy other erotic publications.

Rates in this hotel start at $352 a day.


Oh, this City of Sin. In the PALMS you will find the coolest nightclub and “Bar Ghosts”. Rooms at the hotel are decorated in the style of the dance floor: there are disco lights, modern stereo system, mirrored ceilings and an unbelievable size beds.

Standard “double” will cost THE PALMS $108 . Prices for Playpens rooms start from $830 per night

You want to escape from the routine? You have the chance. But don’t run too far, because pleasure is a real quagmire that could suck the fun and never let go. But none of us is without sin…

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