Unusual and unique hotels of the world

To book a hotel room, whose walls are covered with ivy, listed in the red book, or to stay in an underground hotel at a depth of 150 meters? Unusual hotels have long been one of the bright sides of the hotel business. Ratings of hotels, found an original way to offer the tourist properties are regularly published by the world’s leading travel publications.

The number of unusual hotels that currently have their services in the tourist market is so large that it is time to speak about formation of the whole industry. Ice hotels, lighthouses, castle hotels, hotels on wheels – they are available in dozens, if not hundreds of variants around the world.

Unusual hotels in each country often reflect the peculiarities of the climate of the region. Northern parts of Scandinavia is known worldwide for its hotels the needle. Hotels in the United States, in arid States, offer polyextremophiles stay in the desert or Prairie.

The Islands of Oceania and the Indian ocean to the tropical exoticism adds unique features underwater hotels Fiji and the Maldives. Amid growing interest in diving in General, underwater hotels promise to be one of the hits of hotel business in the near future. So, close to completion the construction of the largest underwater hotel in the world, in the waters of Dubai.

For nature lovers, an eco-designed hotels. Eco-hotels are created in complete harmony with the environment, and not disrupt the fragile prirodoohrannaya. Among them are hotels in the rocks in the Chilean highlands, as well as hotels on trees in the heart of the Indian jungle and the Amazonian Selva.

Hotels in caves and underground hotels in the abandoned mines offer their services not only for lovers of the exotic. The hotel, located in former salt mines, successfully treated numerous respiratory diseases, including asthma.

Unusual hotels due to their rarity are not cheap. The room rate in most of them starts from 100 euros per day. As for copyright hotels, which are made by artists and represent a special kind of hotel design, the price in such hotels are often negotiated with the owners additionally. Often a small number of rooms at art hotel purchased for years to come.

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