Unusual hotel rooms

Today many tourists, jaded stay in standard rooms of hotels, looking for exotic and vivid impressions during the holidays. It is for these discerning travelers are offered the most modern and unique hotels. One of those is an unusual hotel that offers hotel-flight “Costa Verde”, located on the edge of a cliff in the rainforest in the Pacific ocean. Frame restored aircraft, the Boeing 727 of 1965, who previously worked in airlines “South Africa Air and Avianca” by carefully delivered from the San Jose airport and set on a fifteen-meter pedestal in the national Park. A wooden platform, which has replaced the right wing of the aircraft, converted into an unusual hotel that allows tourists from this height to have better view of the jungle and the ocean. Unique hotel “Costa Vered” can offer an unusual comfortable hotel rooms with wooden, handmade furniture, among which are Studio rooms and group rooms “Econom” class. In addition, an unusual hotel “Costa Verde” has some bungalows in the jungle – for those who love the exotic and seek solitude. Tourist dwelling in an unusual room at the hotel “Costa Verde”, has the ability to use the services of the two pools at the hotel, its services also Varandei spacious balconies where you can relax and unwind.

Creative tourists, tired of the standards, an extraordinary room in the hotel “Au Vieux Panier” in France. Here half of the rooms are decorated in white, the other painted with rainbow colors. Unusual room in the hotel, named “Panic room”, was very unusual and unique in coloring and design. Invited well-known graphic designer manually were painted not only walls, but floors, furniture and even curtains.

Another unique hotel room presented the hotel “Propeller Island City Lodge” in Germany. Unusual room in the hotel is named “Upside down”, which is to some extent true. All pieces of furniture are here on the ceiling, and for the night dedicated boxes under the floor, concealed under the hatches. Even the panorama outside the window – upside down. In order to “flip” it, have to open the window.

Unique room in the hotel to taste will find tourists-motorists in Germany in Stuttgart. Unusual hotel room offers themed hotel V8. Each unique room in the hotel is decorated in the style favored motorist – each piece of furniture is reminiscent of the machines and everything connected with them. Even have to sleep in a “bed-car”.

Tourists for whom a bright aesthetic impressions a little, and want more and physical, can go to Canada and live in a unique room at the hotel “Hotel de Glace”, made entirely of ice. But freezing in this room is not available. This unusual hotel room is equipped with warm sleeping bags and these mattresses, for heating the air in here is tiled the fireplace. In fairness, it should be noted that the most unique “ice hotel” is still in Lapland (Sweden). All of these unusual rooms in the hotel built of ice blocks every year, because available they can be only in the “winter season”. The unique interior of this hotel in the fact that cut ice like glass. Unusual rooms in the hotel are equipped, in addition to warm sleeping bags, sheepskin rugs, very pleased visitors. “Frost” here visitors are offered hot berry juice or ice cold vodka, less “hardy” can take advantage of the warmer cellars.

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