Unusual hotels in the world top

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t dream of a trip to exotic places. Accommodation in a regular room with a bed and a TV seems outdated, and the following hotels will definitely attract your attention. Unusual hotels in the world top best :

An unusual hotel Magic Mountain, located in Chile.

Nature lovers will not remain indifferent to the incredible mountain hotel. Located in the heart of the private reserve Huila Huila in Chile (South America), it was built in 2001 wood and stone. From the top of the building down to the base of the waterfall with clear water. In winter, the building is completely covered with fluffy snow. Interesting is the fact that the hotel is named after a favorite book of one of the owners — “the Magic mountain” — the story of magic mountain, which can grant wishes. If your wanting a quiet and peaceful stay, it will become a reality.

The hotel offers a variety of recreational activities: walks on the wild nature, horse-riding, Golf and hot Jacuzzi, in making which you can behold the entire forest. If you prefer privacy, “the Magic mountain” is the right choice — the hotel has only 8 rooms, the night in which will cost you about 250 — 400 dollars a day, and not around a lot of lyubopytnye.

Unusual castle hotel Ashford Castle in Ireland.

Who wouldn’t want at least a few days to feel like a Prince or Princess? You don’t need to have blue blood to enjoy the true atmosphere of Palace life. Ashford castle was built in 1228 by the Anglo-Norman noble family Burke. For many years the castle has repeatedly changed owners and in 1939 was sold to Ireland and began its existence as a hotel. The current owner plans a large extension of the castle, which now has “only” 83 bedrooms.

Almost 800 years of history Ashford makes it the ideal place for lovers of luxury, romance and art. Not surprisingly, he was repeatedly elected as the best hotel in Ireland and is a dream for honeymooners from all over the world. When you enter in a beautiful room with a luxurious interior, you follow in the footsteps of many celebrities who were also guests of the castle — the king George V and Queen Mary, Oscar Wilde, Princess grace, brad pitt and many others. The price range for the knocks 9 009 RUB — 25 of 678 USD.

Unusual Tianzi hotel in China.

An architectural masterpiece or an unusual fad — you decide. The hotel “Tianzi” was built in the Chinese province of Hebei in 2000, and became the world record holder in the Guinness book of records as the largest hotel of the statue.

The ten-storey hotel building is a statue depicting three Chinese gods: Fu, Lu and Shu — patrons of wealth, prosperity and longevity. If you want to load yourself with positive energy, this place is definitely for you. The statue of the God Shu, holding a peach, which actually is one of the rooms. And want to find the entrance to the building? Go to the right foot of the God Shu!

An unusual hotel Adrere Amellal in Egypt.

Thinking ecology and luxury do not go hand in hand? You will reconsider your view! In the centre of Siwa oasis, in about eight hours from Cairo, lies the charming hotel “Adrere Amellal”. Built from clay, stone and salt water it impresses its guests with stunning views. Its Creator, Mounir Neamatalla describes the building as a truly relevant environment. 40 rooms and throughout the building, no electricity. The interior is elegant and chic, every detail is made popular by local artisans. Lamps in each room replace hundreds of candles. Food for guests is prepared from organic products of the garden. If you are tired of long walks in Oasis, you can relax in the hotel’s Spa or swim in the pool with fresh spring water. The price per night of about $ 370-400.

An unusual hotel Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya.

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