What are the most expensive hotels in the world

When planning a vacation, most tourists opt for the hotel that will meet the basic requirements, however, it is desirable that the room rate is also not “biting”. But at the same time everyone would like to relax nicely, not solely can “afford”. Because in the world there are places where offers an extensive range of services, but on the first click they are all wishes.

1. The hotel “GrandResortLagonissi”: 60 000 USD per night – is not the limit

The most expensive hotel in the world located in Greece, near Athens monumental. King room, or Royal Villa, has everything “your heart desires”: private beach, swimming pool with heated sea water, a magnificent view of the boundless sea, a sauna, a Royal decoration of the rooms, and a chef on demand, a Butler, a servant and even a pianist.

It’s fun! In the Guinness Book of records as the most expensive hotel marked “Burj Al Arab”, or “Sailboat”, located in Dubai. For its construction has been specially made artificial island. Complex architectural structure has the form of a sail, developing in the wind. Here the cheapest room will cost 1500$. Rooms class “Lux” are much higher.

room in Burj Al Arab

2. The hotel “HughHefnerSkyVilla” – plunge into the atmosphere of exciting playboy

The cost of staying here scutigerella, the most expensive room will cost about 40 – 45 000$ for the night. The hotel is located in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. The room size is amazing, because it covers an area of 10 000 sq. m. it is Decorated in the style of “the offspring” Hugh Hefner – playboy alluring.

Here await a rotating bed, a private Butler and chef, and the ceiling is made of glass glittering tints. Special attention deserves the Jacuzzi, made in the form of console over Las Vegas: the whole city at your feet.

3. The hotel “four seasons” – visit the “roof of the world”

Ty Warner Penthaus is located on the last floor of the highest hotel in Manhattan, and enchants its guests with stunning city views. Window size “in the wall” all around the massive penthouse. Wall 9 comfortable rooms decorated gold and platinum products. The service includes a Butler service.

4. The hotel “PresidentWilsonHotel”: first of all, peace and quiet

To stay in the Royal penthouse, or Royal Suite Penthose, you need to pay approximately 35 000$ per night. Luxury and chic penthouse appreciated at the time, Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States. But had suffered from hypertension, and therefore appreciate the calm, the peace and comfort that prevails here.

The room is located on the top floor. The penthouse has 4 rooms and a cocktail lounge that can accommodate 45 guests. Distinguished guests-delegates of the UN, visiting Geneva, the Royal penthouse is considered the best room in town.

5. The hotel “TheAtlantis” room in Paradise

Paradise island – “Paradise” on the planet. The most expensive room Bridge Suite will cost the wealthy tourist in 25 000$. The room consists of 10 rooms, and it is known fact that there is not time staying Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey.

Expensive hotels fascinate and captivate, it has everything your heart desires, and desires are fulfilled by the staff instantly. The night each of them will leave in the memory an indelible trace.

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